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Dear Fellow Dance Enthusiasts:

We are working to grow our board for the 2024-25 season coming ahead.  Board terms are for one year at this time and term will expire June 10, 2025


We are looking to fill 4-6 volunteer positions.  CWPAC meets once a month either in person or via virtually with meetings lasting approximately one hour either early morning or Tuesday or Wednesday evenings depending on preference. 


Board Member Responsibilities and Expectations

While each leadership position entails its own responsibilities, there are several duties

that each and every board member must complete, regardless of their position. As a

whole, CWPAC board should adhere to the following core responsibilities:


Board members should advance the mission of the organization. Board members are among

CWPAC’s most important advocates. These individuals are the face of the cause and should be

expected to use their efforts and abilities to promote CWPAC’s core mission in an ethical manner.


Board members have legal and fiduciary responsibilities There’s a lot at stake when it comes to

managing CWPAC. The board of directors needs to understand internal policies and the legal

implications of CWPAC’s activities. It’s up to board members to understand federal, state, and local laws that apply to CWPAC’s specific type of organization. Then, they must assure that it adheres to those legal obligations.


Board members should attend board meetings It should go without saying that board members

should attend and contribute during meetings, whether they’re gathering virtually or in person. After all, this is when they can share their insight, get creative, and have deep conversations about

pursuing greater outcomes for CWPAC.


Board members are responsible for recruiting new members. Current board members should

constantly be on the lookout for passionate, qualified recruits who will bring additional knowledge, talent, and background experience to the table.


Board members should serve on at least one committee. Most of the board’s work is completed

in committees. There simply isn’t enough time for the entire board to have lengthy conversations and research specific issues in depth. Because of this, every board member should serve on a committee, effectively steering your organization toward its goals.


Board member should support fundraising efforts. Similar to the financial and fiduciary

responsibilities, board members must also ensure that a nonprofit organization has all the resources it needs to succeed and be sustainable. What does this look like? Board members should be involved in fundraising efforts in some capacity each year. Achieving 100% board giving is important for all nonprofit organizations as it shows potential funders that the entire board is engaged with and supportive of CWPAC..



  • Founder

  • Executive Director


  • Secretary


  • Treasurer

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