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2023-24 Season


  • Approximately 30 week contract starting 09/05 and concluding on 05/05. CWPAC will produce and perform three full-length ballets and one "Classics, Romantics, and Contemporary Works". Company will have the opportunity to tour to neighboring Western CO communities/ cities as well as performing in various outreach programs that work towards the mission statement of the company.


  • CWPAC will be considering male and female dancers with strong classical technique with a strong contemporary background to fill positions in the professional company and trainee program. Video submissions are currently being selected for invitation to audition in company class. Please email videos and materials to


  • A video with no introduction consisting of the following performed in leotard and tights for women, and tight fitting dance attire for men. 

  • Two classical variations drawn from the standard repertoire, danced en pointe by female applicants.

  • A short contemporary variation (that could consist of something drawn from the repertoire, phrases from classwork, or an applicant-created work) that illustrates the applicant's command of the range of movement different from that demonstrated in the classical variation.

  • 3-5 minutes of barre work, danced in soft shoes by male applicants and pointe shoes by female applicants.

  • A CV(must include height)

  • A Headshot

  • 2-3 dance photos

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